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May 01, 2020

Mother's Day in Isolation

Mother's Day in Isolation

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and although we may be celebrating a bit differently than the years before - there is still an opportunity to make this year amazing for Mom! While normally you might be planning to take Mom out for dinner or a day out, this year we have the opportunity to get creative. We've put together a list of some ways to thank and celebrate mom in isolation! And be it as it may, sometimes, the best way to make mom feel her best is just by showing her you care - and that’s our whole game plan for this year. 

Crate Chef Build-a-Box for Mom 

Of course our top choice is our current CrateChef Build-a-Box for Mother's Day. With this box you are able to choose 6 items that Mom will love from our past products, all of which were selected by top-name chefs. This box can be customized to your Mom and a little thought goes a long way. We promise she will love it! But, just in case she already has one, below are 10 additional options.


Writing Mom a Note

There’s nothing better than simply telling mom how much you care and love her or maybe even listing the top ten things you've learned from her. Sometimes in life, we forget to simply just share how much we love one another - and if there’s any time or day to do this, it’s Mother’s Day. This year, write a note to mom! Whether you’re writing on looseleaf, construction paper, or whatever you can find in the house, writing a letter to mom could be the smallest gift that has the biggest impact. She will love and cherish it forever. 


Grow Your Own Vegetable or Plant Kit 

How about a grow your own vegetable or plant kit? Having all the tools readily available is something that mom will love! Nothing is more grounding and relaxing than gardening - and with all that is going on, this may be just the thing mom needs to reset and grow! 


Do it Yourself Isolation Kit 

Well, this is definitely going to go down in history as one of the more unique gifts for Mother’s Day that hopefully you won't have a reason to give again. , but since we are living it right now, why not make mom an isolation kit? Add in things you know mom will love like wine, a face mask, hand sanitizer, a cleaner or two, hand soap, a toilet paper roll, and many more - this can be a fun way to celebrate how much you care about mom! Get creative here, and add in some fun things that mom can enjoy and use! 


Laura Mercier Cosmetics and Self-Care Products 

If your mom does everything for you and the family, maybe all she needs this Mother’s Day is some pampering? Laura Mercier Cosmetics is offering some amazing products that Mom will love. With free shipping and returns right now, this site has everything you need. Whether you send her some flawless face make-up, a body scrub, or some perfume - this will allow mom to have a self-care day, and us moms can definitely use that once and awhile! 


Netflix Party / Subscription Plan 

If nothing else, why not throw mom a Netflix Party? If she doesn’t have Netflix - even better, gifting Netflix for the year can be the most perfect, and necessary, gift this year! 


Meditation APP Subscription 

If mom is into self-care, and even yoga, maybe gifting mom a meditation service app would be a wonderful idea! There are tons of great meditation apps out there, for instance, HeadSpace, that can help mom sit back and relax for a couple of minutes a day - and that’s sometimes all we need. 


Social Distancing Picnic In the Yard 

If you’re really craving some outdoor time and want to recreate the feeling of going out for a nice meal, try having a social distancing picnic in the yard! Setting up some of mom’s favorite treats, and even cooking or baking for her, would help take everyone’s minds off all that is going on, even if it’s just for a little bit. 


Video Chat Meal/Game 

If you can’t meet mom in person, maybe it’s just as simple as face-timing or using a video chat to talk to mom and have a meal together or even play some games! One of the best tools we have right now to still communicate but see each other is that of video chatting. And although this may be one of the only options, it can still be made special! 


Facebook Portal 

Talk to mom daily with the Facebook Portal. You both have to have one, but the Portal has the capability to move and talk freely with a smart camera. If you have one, and you buy one for mom, you can talk together in a video chat that is effortless and hands-free. It can help make you feel like you’re in the same room, and that can be all mom needs to make the day perfect. 


Sugarfina Mother’s Day Box 

We love Sugarfina here at CrateChef year-round, but for Mother’s Day, they have the most adorable options. With a few different ideas, you can send mom some sweet-treats to show her how much you love her. Paired with some yummy candies, and a beautiful display, this would be an amazing gift for mom!

Photo by Sooz 

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