April 01, 2017



Small business isn't for the faint of heart. It's for the brave, the patient, and the persistent. It's for the overcomer." -- Unknown

I believe certain milestones need to be acknowledged. Maybe not kindergarten graduation or lower school graduation (which will be in my son’s future next year), but major milestones? Yes. The one year anniversary of your own start up business? Definitely.

One year ago, Rebekah and I shipped our first CrateChef curated by the ever positive (and brave!) Chef Blythe Beck. Chef Beck took a huge chance on us and told us to believe in ourselves. Boy, did we ever. Maybe we believed a little too much. We just knew that once people got wind of our awesome product, we would be inundated with orders! How would we handle the volume? Crickets. O.k. not total radio silence, but certainly not the hoards of subscribers we were expecting.

What we did get was valuable perspective. And, one of our first lessons in running a startup subscription box company. Watch the inventory. Don’t buy too much initially because you can always order more. Luckily, we received a great response from our first customers and our loyal base has consistently doubled with each new box that we’ve shipped. We always say, we have the best community in the sub box business.

We thank our families and friends, our Chef partners and most of all our subscribers that have supported us this past year. Happy Anniversary, CrateChef. Can’t wait to see what lessons year two has in store for us.  




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