April 07, 2020

Bad Bananas, Again

Bad Bananas, Again

I don’t know about your house, but at ours Banana Bread is becoming a THING. Before being in social distance isolation mode, I had baked banana bread maybe two times during the last twelve months. Within isolation, I’ve made it four times, just in the last two weeks. We seem to be in a constant state of either “we’re out of bananas” or “the bananas have gone bad.” It feels like there is a two hour window in between those two states when the bananas are good and we keep missing that window.

So, I keep trying Banana Bread recipes, and there are some I like more than others. I’ve listed my favorite one, so far, below from All Recipes. As a side note, I think the secret to any good Banana Bread recipe is adding chocolate chips. Hands down, it’s the one consistent ingredient that improves every recipe!

Today is our isolation Day 27. We are thankful that we can work from home unlike a lot of other people out there trying to contend with everything that’s going on. Every time the news says to expect an increase in cases, the delivery options around us decrease dramatically. Last week an order from Costco would take about 2 days, this week it says 2 weeks.

I keep waiting for the toilet paper to restock locally but whenever I hear a rumor that a store got some in, it has sold out immediately. There are whispers of people coming across an aisle of toilet paper, but it disappears before they can say “toilet paper” out loud. The items that are sold out have surprised me. Cheerios and canned pineapple are both hard to come by for some reason. Ice cream also is no where to be found, but for some reason canned chili can be found in abundance.

People are wearing masks more regularly out in public, but still not everywhere in our part of the world. When we walk in our neighborhood, we don’t see many people out at one time, but we never see anyone wearing a mask. At the local postal center nearby though, we notice (from our car) that more people are wearing them. We haven’t been inside a grocery store lately but I have heard they are more regularly seen there also.

Stay safe and Happy Cooking!

What we are listening to today:
Galileo by Indigo Girls and Rain by Ben Platt (we also love this music video on YouTube!)
What we are binge watching:
Kim's Convenience and Unorthodox on Netflix

Recipe: All Recipes - Banana Banana Bread - I recommend using room temperature butter. Adding 4 medium bananas (instead of 3) and adding chocolate chips.

Photo credit: Whitney Wright of saltandbaker.com

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