January 05, 2021

Bourbon Barrel Bluegrass Soy Sauce

Bourbon Barrel Bluegrass Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a familiar ingredient to most these days. It’s essential in not just Chinese cooking, but Asian cooking in general. And despite its age-old popularity and, not to mention usability, Bourbon Barrel Foods wanted to make it better!

The only soy sauce micro-brewer in the United States, Bourbon Barrel Foods developed Bourbon Barrel Bluegrass Soy Sauce, the flavor of which supersedes that of any ordinary condiment. It’s brewed in small batches using Kentucky-grown Non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and the purest limestone filtered Kentucky spring water. The brewers sustainably ferment and age the soybean blend in re-purposed bourbon barrels. The result is a smoky and brothy soy sauce with hints of oak and a mild sweetness reminiscent of Kentucky bourbon.

“I use Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce for as many things as I can,” says Sam Zien, the December/January CrateChef featured chef. The sauce has the potential to elevate almost anything and Sam boasts its impact in, surprisingly, carne asada. In his latest cookbook Sam the Cooking Guy: Recipes with Intentional Leftovers, Sam also features the product in the dishes Jewish-Style Brisket (pg 38) and Cali Breakfast Burritos (pg 196).

Sometimes a product is so good that it changes the way you see it. Bourbon Barrel Bluegrass Soy Sauce is the perfect example. The next time you’re reaching for ordinary soy sauce, try this instead, and consider using it for a whole lot more.

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