July 07, 2021

Bring Back Pasta Night

Bring Back Pasta Night

In an effort to make that devilish dish pasta healthier, chefs and food scientists across the globe have tried making it out of zucchini, lentils, and even tapioca. But none of those ingredients quite compares to the power of the mighty chickpea.

Good for your health and good for the planet, the chickpea is the answer to all your pasta problems. You have the brand Banza to thank. Its collection of chickpea pastas tastes just like “real pasta,” in both flavor and texture while offering all the pasta shapes you know and love.

This summer’s CrateChef featured chef Samah Dada raves about this brand, along with America’s Sweetheart Kristen Bell and Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts. In her cookbook Dada Eats Love to Cook It, Samah recommends using Banza Cavatappi in Lentil Bolognese (pg. 149), Turmeric-Tahini Pasta Salad (pg. 159), and my kids’ favorite, Masala Mac & Cheese (pg. 167). You’ll forget that the nostalgic boxed pasta of your childhood ever existed.

Banza pasta helps make your favorite comfort food delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. Re-thought from the ground up, each variety is packed with protein and ready to delight your dinner table. Thank me later.

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