August 11, 2021

Can Marmalade Be Jam-Packed?

Can Marmalade Be Jam-Packed?

Sure, marmalade can be jam-packed, but it's also so much more! Unlike jam, which is made from crushing and boiling mostly any fruit with sugar, marmalades are made from the entire citrus fruit, peel and all. Davidson of Dundee Orange Marmalade is no different.

Every batch is made with sun-ripened, fresh-from-the-grove citrus peels and freshly squeezed juice. The floridian citrus transcends generations of family farmers. So the marmalade, made with love, has vibrant flavors you can taste at your own dinner table.

Combined with equal parts Savannah Bee Georgia Wildflower Honey, another goodie in this month’s CrateChef box, orange marmalade creates a decadent orange blossom honey sauce. Perfect on a biscuit or as a dip for chicken and waffles. CrateChef featured chef Kenny says it “is magic” and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

And while marmalade is a suitable side–as a spread or dip–it also performs well in the spotlight. Try it in orange marmalade pound cake, marmalade tea, or marmalade-glazed pork.

You had us at gourmet marmalade. This southern staple is as sweet as it looks. Try it for yourself!

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