April 22, 2019

The Big Reveal!

The Big Reveal!

Our second box of the year is always one of our favorites because it’s available just in time for Mother’s Day. We are two busy Mom’s juggling it all - kids, work, family, friends, volunteering. So we thought... who better to feature for our Mother’s Day CrateChef than the ultimate multi-tasker? We are thrilled to collaborate with a true trailblazer in the culinary world - - Chef Cat Cora!

Cat Cora is a world-renowned celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, actress, avid philanthropist, health, wellness and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six. Cat’s box is filled with products and tools that she considers staples for every kitchen. She also included four delicious recipes to get you cooking. Below is a detailed list of all of Cat’s picks from her box.

Let’s start with the signature 7” Chefs knife. A good knife is an essential tool for meal prep. Made of high quality Japanese steel with a rich walnut handle, this knife will help make dicing, mincing and chopping a breeze.

Garlic is a staple in Chef Cora’s kitchen, but have you tried black garlic? Black garlic is made when heads of regular garlic are aged under specialized conditions. The result is a naturally sweet yet mildly earthy flavor. Use the cloves as you would roasted garlic. Mix with ricotta and herbs for a savory spread as used in Chef Cora’s Mushroom and Black Garlic Flatbread recipe, incorporate it into dressings, dips and sauces, or rub it onto chicken or fish before roasting.

Za’atar seasoning is an aromatic spice blend combines sumac berries, toasted sesame, salt, cumin, thyme, oregano and marjoram. All throughout the Mediterranean, Za’atar is commonly used as a table condiment. Sprinkle it on cooked chicken, fish or Cat’s favorite lamb. One of the easiest ways to enjoy Za’atar is as a simple paste for dipping and spreading on fresh bread or pitas. Combine good olive oil with 1-2 tablespoons of seasoning - use a little more oil for dipping, less for spreading.

Handcrafted Almond Ginger Butter, from Big Spoon Roasters, combines fresh-roasted Mission almonds, crystallized ginger organic cane sugar, and sea salt. The resulting vibrant and lemony almond butter is delightful as a breakfast spread on warm waffles, a base for an Asian-inspired dressing, and of course, a snack right out of the jar.

Simple dressed in sea salt, these pita chips are a go-to snack. Check out the limited edition packaging from Stacy’s highlighting the 3rd Annual Rise Project. Stacy's Snacks launched the Stacy's Rise Project with the goal of advancing women in the culinary industry. This initiative centers around mentoring, supporting and funding female-founded businesses. Go Stacy’s! We will be devoting an entire blog post to this incredible campaign. Be sure to look out for it!

Cocktail picks are a must have for the bar cart, but don’t forget to use them for appetizers. Chef Cora’s Caprese Skewers with Bloody Mary Vinaigrette is a twist on the classic tomato salad. When you skewer perfect, flavorful cherry tomatoes and bite-sized mozzarella bocconcini and serve them with spicy Bloody Mary Vinaigrette, you get a salad takeoff that is simple, dramatic, delicious and nearly instant.

CA Coast Naturals sun dried black olives are the perfect addition to any meal. Chop them into a Greek salad or cook them in a puttanesca sauce. These organic olives are left on the tree to ripen before being hand-picked, rolled in EVOO and sea salt then left in the California sunshine to cure.

What a box! We hope you are loving it as much as we are. Thank you to Cat and Nicole for the collaboration.


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