September 01, 2021

Did Someone Say Pickle Party?!

Did Someone Say Pickle Party?!

We’ve talked about pasta parties and pizza parties. But what we’ve failed to clue you in on are pickle parties. Today is your lucky day.

If you’ve circumvented canning and pickling during the last year and a half, this is your last sign to try it. And if you think you don’t have the equipment, think again. With the Pearl and Johnny Quick Dill Pickle Kit, pickling at home has never been easier.

This dill pickling kit is packed with healthful ingredients and fresh dill flavor you won’t find anywhere else on the pickle shelf. Fill the clean jar with cucumbers and other vegetables, if desired, and follow the instructions to create artisan pickles in just minutes. Classic and anything but basic, this mix is full of real organic dill seed and dill weed to create the most popular pickle flavor.

This month’s featured chef Kenny mixes it up by using a wide variety of vegetables, including squash, okra, green beans, peppers and sugar snap peas, in his pickling adventures. Delicious alone, homemade pickles will pair well with a hot chicken sandwich that’s better than any fast food sandwich on the market.

“If you can boil water, you can make pickles. It’s really that simple,” says Chef Kenny. Share your pickling journey with us on Instagram at @cratechef.

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