May 14, 2018

Finishing Salt

Finishing Salt

Have you noticed the range of salts available for cooking today? Table salt, kosher salt, himalayan pink salt, sea salt, fleur de sel, flake salt, black hawaiian salt... just to name a few. I would argue that salt might be one of the most important ingredients in your pantry. We try not to repeat any products in our CrateChef boxes, but almost every featured chef has their cult favorite salt! Salt matters. A lot. Not only is it one of our five basic tastes, salt elevates the flavor of the ingredients in a dish. It also helps to release food molecules into the air giving food it's aroma. Over the years, I've learned to use salt during cooking to create depth and layers of flavor. Recently, I've started to cap off my culinary creations with a finishing salt. In fact, I'm becoming a bit obsessed with trying different salts... 



Molly Yeh uses kosher salt in just about everything except when she wants to finish a dish with something a little fancier. Maldon Salt - - Sea Salt and Smoked - - is included in her assortment of favorite things in our current CrateChef box. The Osbourne Family has been making Maldon Salt in the U.K. for over four generations. The process, they say, is simple. Seawater is filtered and boiled to remove impurities and then heated until the salt crystallizes. What remains are crisp, clean crystals that give your dish a burst of flavor and great crunch.

What's your take on salt? Let us know your favorite salt and how you use it by commenting below. The first five readers to comment will receive one of our favorite salts!  

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