June 16, 2021

Have Your Cake, Bread, or Pasta & Eat It Too

Have Your Cake, Bread, or Pasta & Eat It Too

The days of the all-or-nothing mentality of healthy eating are (thankfully) coming to a close. Saying no to sugary sweets and delectable grains just doesn’t sound that appealing anymore, if it ever did in the first place.

We can thank chefs like Samah Dada for revitalizing wellness culture. Her shift in attitude towards food helps the renown recipe developer and food photographer approach cooking with newfound creativity and innovation. Her dishes are often vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, and grain-free because she exclusively uses the most nutritious ingredients, instead of cutting out food groups to follow the latest fad.

And with Samah’s newest cookbook, you can too! Dada Eats Love to Cook It just hit the shelves and it’s packed with over 100 recipes and accidental plant-based energy. Drawing from her heritage, Samah showcases inventive takes on beloved Indian dishes like Sweet Potato Aloo Tikki (pg. 44) or Coconut Yogurt Raita (pg. 176). Her creative use of plants has given us drool-worthy dishes and viral hits on the TODAY Show and her eponymous blog Dada Eats.

Friendly, approachable, and inviting are words that best describe Samah and her recipes alike. CrateChef subscribers will receive a (signed!) copy of Dada Eats Loves to Cook It in this month’s CrateChef box. Tell us about your creations in the comments or with @cratechef on social media.

Happy cooking!

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