June 11, 2018

India Tree Carnival Mix

India Tree Carnival Mix

Sprinkles make me happy. Sprinkles take me back to summers at the beach at home in Westport...when we'd ride our bikes down the Post Road at dusk to the local Carvel ice cream store for soft serve cones dipped in sprinkles. Rainbow or chocolate - it didn't matter as long as our cones were covered in the sugary strands.

India Tree Carnival Mix Sprinkles, included in Molly Yeh's CrateChef box, provide all the color and flavor of the sprinkles from our childhood summertime treats without the synthetic dyes prevalent in most sweets today. You may think it's impossible for sprinkles to be colored naturally with the melody of bright rainbow hues that top our favorite cakes and cupcakes, but look no further. India Tree's colors are all derived from natural ingredients such as turmeric, annatto, beet juice and other vegetable juices - the way things should be!

For incredible sprinkle inspiration be sure to read Molly's blog, mynameisyeh, and visit India Tree. Or just sprinkle away...on ice cream, cakes, yogurt, cookies, over a waffle with a dollop of whipped cream, milkshakes, funfetti cakes or Rice Krispy Treats, doughnuts, cupcakes, brownies, home made pop tarts, meringues, animal crackers. I think you get the idea ;)

What do you sprinkle? Comment below and we'll send a jar of India Tree Carnival Mix Sprinkles to the reader with the most creative sprinkle use!





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