April 27, 2020

Come to the Dark Side

Come to the Dark Side

If you’re like us, chocolate isn’t something you take lightly. Although we are in no position to turn down a perfectly delicious milk chocolate baked good (because that would just be crazy), sometimes it’s nice to turn to the dark side with some dark chocolate! If you’re ready for the switch, using some jet black cocoa powder in your baking is going to take your cakes, cookies, icings, and brownies to next level! With a duller taste, but paired perfectly with already-sweet items, the jet black cocoa powder creates a rich flavor and a dark color, that will leave your eyes and your taste buds craving more! 

Jet black cocoa powder is one of Chef ZoeBakes go to items when she wants to add a little bit of dark to offset her sweet!  Most of the time when it comes to a baking recipe, the sugars can mask the chocolate taste of regular cocoa powder. With jet black cocoa powder, the taste is so strong and so rich, that it doesn’t get lost and it stands out amongst the other ingredients, while combining and complementing them to create the most luscious delectable chocolatey taste. Jet black cocoa powder will give your baked goods a layered taste, and will actually make your chocolate goods taste more chocolatey - who can argue with that logic?!

Whether you’re making a triple chocolate brownie, the crust to a chocolate-cream pie or the sandwich to an ice cream sandwich - jet black cocoa powder is a nice ingredient to have on hand because it turns your treats into something amazing, without compromising all of the other tasty ingredients! Like we said earlier, chocolate isn’t something we take lightly, pun-intended, so when baking with chocolate we want to taste chocolate in the mix, and with jet black cocoa powder you will finally experience what a chocolate baked good is supposed to taste like!

Jet Black Cocoa Powder - CrateChef

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