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May 03, 2020

May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars day is upon us and may the forks be with you - because you’re not going to want to put that fork down when you see these amazing Star Wars-themed treats! We’re celebrating Stars Wars Day here at CrateChef, and we’re sharing some of the best foods we found out there for all you fellow Star Wars' fans to enjoy. We’re talking BB-8 Cookie Cakes, Frosty Bantha Milk, Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs, and so many more. Whether they're Star Wars-inspired or just a play on words,  believe me, they are all amazing choices to celebrate your love for Star Wars! 


 BB8 Cookie Cake

BB-8 Cookie Cake 

This giant chocolate chip cookie cake by Arlyn Osbourne on Food.com is a great way to celebrate Stars Wars Day. Not only is this a cookie cake covered in frosting, and who doesn’t love some good frosting, but it will help show your love for astromech droids!  


 Star Wars Wookie Cookies by A Few Shortcuts

Wookie Cookies 

These easy and adorable wookie cookies from A Few Shortcuts are the must-have Star Wars cookie to celebrate. Made with oatmeal, and decorated with both white and milk chocolate - these cookies are the perfect treat for the family and especially for the kiddos! 



Frosty Bantha Milk by Baking Mischief 

Frosty Bantha Milk 

Another option is this Star Wars Bantha Milk by Baking Mischief! This sweet milkshake, mixed with vanilla ice cream, milk, and a blue drink mix -  looks amazing and tastes absolutely delicious!



Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs Recipe by Totally the Bomb

Baby Yoda Deviled Egg 

Eggs have never looked so cute than these by Totally the Bomb! This Star Wars Day try making these cute Baby Yoda inspired Deviled Eggs. They're a healthier option than the sweet treats, and they’re the perfect lunch or snack to celebrate the day! I used my classic deviled egg recipe with green Watkin's food coloring and then I swapped out the black olives for sweet pickles and for the celery arms I used extra egg whites. My family got a kick out of them and they were devoured so fast I didn't think to take a picture! I might have to make them again May 4th.



Rings of Hudalla from the Star War's Galaxy's Edge Cookbook

Rings of Hudalla 

This ring inspired dish will take you to another planet! Rings of Hudalla is an onion dish that consists of onions coated in sweet sugars, mixed with bacon, marsala, and hot sauce and it is like something you’ve never tried before! This recipe comes from the Star Wars' Galaxy Edge Cookbook. 



 Ham Solo Pot Pie Recipe by Jenn Fujikawa

Ham-Solo Pot Pie 

Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food. Super creamy, tender, and pot pie is one of those foods that tastes delicious and leaves you with a warm cozy feeling. This recipe by Jenn Fujikawa was posted on the Star Wars website and is the perfect meal to cuddle up with! You'll need a millennium falcon cookie cutter to complete the look, unless you are seriously crafty, but this recipe will be fun to make! 



Bow-Ba Fett Bow Tie Pasta Recipe

Bow-Tie Fighter Pasta 

It's all about the name with this bow tie pasta salad but it's a delicious way to show your love for Star Wars this year! Posted by Annette on the May the Fourth Be With You Party Blog, this salad is mixed with salami, peas, olives, and so many more ingredients, this pasta salad will take you to a galaxy, far, far away. 



Seven Leia Dip Recipe by Seeded At The Table

Seven Leia Dip 

This recipe doesn’t require much artistry, but it’s the perfect play on words to celebrate Star Wars Day. Posted by Seeded at The Table, it is extremely fast to make, with 7 oh so yummy layers.  Whip this dip together for the perfect snack or appetizer! Pair it with some “Storm-Trooper Scoopers” corn chips - and you’re good to go! 



If you try out any of these recipes, be sure to snap a pic and share it in the comments! 

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