June 06, 2018

New York Shuk - Signature Harissa

New York Shuk - Signature Harissa

Ready to wow guests by amping up the flavor of your favorite family dishes this summer? If so, NY Shuk Signature Harissa is just the product you need to create the perfect amount of spice with LOTS of taste. As a featured product in our current crate curated by Molly Yeh, this luscious red paste is made from a blend of mashed sun dried chili peppers, which brings out some sweetness, along with a zesty seasoning blend that creates the perfect balance of spice. The peppers are hand-harvested and sourced from 6th and 7th generation growers on Sichlers Farms Produce near San Antonio, Texas, ensuring that every last drop of your new favorite condiment is derived from a known source. Harissa can be used in everything from your favorite soups, stews and sauces or spread on burgers and sandwiches. It is an extremely versatile condiment which is a flavorful alternative to ketchup, salsa and sriracha... if you don’t mind an extra kick. Some even wonder if the traditionally Tunisian spice paste will become the next sriracha in the United States? We do - it’s THAT good!

What’s better than throwing together some random items in your fridge for lunch and having it taste like it came straight out of a 5-star restaurant? This tuna salad with an extra kick is sure to satisfy all your cravings. Check out the following recipe from our friends at NY Shuk for some major lunch inspo! You can find NY Shuk Harissa along with more recipe ideas in Molly Yeh's Short Stack Edition, Yogurt, both of which are included in our current box! 

Tuna Salad With Harissa & Cured Lemon

3 cans of tuna in oil, drained
5 thinly sliced radishes
½ cup capers
3 tsp. chopped cured lemons
2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced into quarters
3 Tbsp NY Shuk Harissa
6 slices of your favorite bread

Mix the tuna, Harissa and cured lemons.
Place 3 tablespoons of the tuna mixture on a slice of bread.
Add the egg quarters, radishes and sprinkle on the capers. Garnish with arugula leaves.


Happy Cooking!

Photo courtesy of NY Shuk

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