May 15, 2019

Olive Me, Loves Olive You

Olive Me, Loves Olive You

Our best olive buying advice: step outside the supermarket. A fresh, organic olive can be hard to find, so it’s a good thing Chef Cat Cora included only the best in her box.

Late harvest whole black olives rolled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sea salt, then cured in the California sunshine - say no more! Another brilliant addition to the box by Chef Cora, California Coast Naturals’ Sun Dried Black Olives are the  perfect, fresh addition to countless dishes. If you take a peek into the pantry of any distinguished chef, you’ll find these olives.

Whether they are chopped into a Greek salad, served with a charcuterie board, or cooked into a puttanesca sauce, they give each meal that special something. They work year-round, perfect for enriching a summer salad or a winter stew, it’s impossible to get tired of these olives. The fact that they are packed with probiotics and antioxidants is just a plus. Sun Dried Black Olives pack such a healthy punch that working more of them into your diet is one of those no-brainer health-boosters nobody should miss out on.

Chef Cora recommends using these olives in a delicious fish recipe included in her box - Whole Fish Roasted with Fennel, Olives and Chilies. Yum! The combination of the olives, thyme, and chilies creates a flavorful addition to the fish and fennel. You’re going to want to try this.

These olives are just one of Chef Cora’s favorites that she chose for her box. Along with exclusive mouthwatering recipes, this box has it all. These olives will exceed your expectations...don’t miss out!

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