February 27, 2021

Orange, Bright, and Warm All Over

Orange, Bright, and Warm All Over

It’s orange. It’s everywhere. It’s the new gold standard! Diaspora Turmeric is one of the freshest, most potent turmeric varieties on the market.

Grown amidst marigolds, bananas and black rice on a 3rd generation farm in southeastern India, this turmeric is bright, zesty and deeply floral. The not-so-secret ingredient is omnipresent in Indian pantries and health food aisles across the globe. Flavor-wise, it exudes earthy, bitter, and peppery notes which creates that kind of implacable flavor in curry powder.

While the flavor of turmeric is bright, its orange color is simply remarkable. Just a spoonful can transform the color of soup, rice, and–sorry not sorry–tupperware. Often used as a natural dye, the spice is best used with caution to prevent stains and unfortunate cleanup from happening. On the bright side, we hear orange is the new black.

As a member of the ginger family, turmeric is also famous for its medicinal benefits. It is known to calm the mind, help prevent heart disease and cancer, and reduce inflammation. That’s why trendy health shops add it to lattes, smoothies, and even ice cream. 

Robust and bitter, this tawny spice is best used when balanced with big flavors and textures. This month’s CrateChef featured chef, Nik Sharma, uses it in numerous recipes throughout his cookbook, The Flavor Equation. Try it in Roasted Cauliflower in Turmeric Kefir (pg. 83), Beef Chilli Fry with Pancetta (pg. 160), Honey + Turmeric Chicken Kebabs with Pineapple (pg. 180), or Black Pepper Chicken (pg.260). If you’re in a pinch, add a pinch to eggs, roasted vegetables, or coconut milk to create the popular and nutritious “Golden Milk” that’s all over the internet right now.

Fresh spices are the perfect way to add vibrance in more ways than one. Try the naturally bright and magically healing spice today. Thank us later.

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