June 17, 2019

Good Grips!

Good Grips!

When it comes to tools in your kitchen, tongs are often overlooked. You really forget how important they are until you realize you can’t flip meat on the grill, serve salad, or stir pasta with your hands. Having an extra set of heat resistant hands in your kitchen is helpful with a plethora of dishes.

America’s Test Kitchen tested many different kitchen tongs on the basis of precision, comfort, and pincer design. They ultimately decided OXO Tongs were their favorite and included a pair in every CrateChef box.

OXO Tongs feature brushed stainless steel with soft, non-slip handles and comfortable thumb rests. They easily lock in the closed position for convenient storage. They have a large pull-tab for locking, which also doubles as a hole for hanging. Sturdy and comfortable for effortless grabbing and flipping, these are the tongs you need in your kitchen.

According to ATK, “OXO tongs win top marks again with just the right combination of light but tough construction, precise pincers that stayed aligned throughout testing and could pick up the tiniest toothpick or hoist the heftiest slab of ribs, and an easy locking tab that opened and closed simply and smoothly. They are just long enough to keep your hands safe from the heat but short enough to allow for great leverage and control. The tension of the arms is well calibrated to be springy but not hand-straining over the course of cooking, such as when we grilled a big batch of barbecue chicken.” 

Well there you have it. Tongs are one of the most basic and important tools to have in your kitchen, and no other brand gets the job done as well as OXO. Whether your flipping vegetables, removing meats from braising liquids, or even grabbing hard to reach items from the back of your pantry, OXO Tongs make everything easier and safer. You can find these tongs, as well as other pantry staples and recipes, in our current CrateChef box featuring America's Test Kitchen. 


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