August 25, 2021

Quinoa: Worth the Hype?

Quinoa: Worth the Hype?

We’ll just come out and say it. Yes! Red quinoa is not only gorgeous–it’s delicious and elevates even the simplest dish.

A red grain packed with protein and amino acids, Bob’s Red Mill Red Quinoa is a nutritious pantry staple. The nutty flavor, fluffy, crunchy texture and dramatic color make it a standout compared to other common grains. Delicious on its own, red quinoa is also the perfect base for pilafs, soups and salads. Not to mention how surprisingly filling it is.

Chef Kenny, the CrateChef featured chef of our August/September box, prizes this quinoa for its versatility. He recommends halving quinoa with jasmine rice and mixing it with garlic and shallots to create the ultimate veggie bowl. “It’s great to have it instead of just plain white rice,” he says.

Aside from lunch and dinner, quinoa is an equally nutritious alternative to morning oatmeal. Simply add your favorite milk, sweeteners, and toppings for a protein-rich breakfast. A grain fit for every meal.

CrateChef subscribers will receive a package of Bob’s Red Mill Red Quinoa in this month’s box. And luckily, this grain is easy to find at grocery stores once you run out of it. Let us know how you experiment with this grain! We love seeing how versatile it really is.

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