November 04, 2021

Red Rice: Delicious and Nutritious

Red Rice: Delicious and Nutritious

There seems to be a never-ending list of rice varieties to explore, and Red Rice just reserved its spot at the top.

Camargue Red Rice is a selected product in this month’s CrateChef box featuring Chef Darren McGrady. The variety comes from the Camargue region of France and is known for bringing texture to the plate, especially with Gaelic steak.

“When you cook this,” Chef McGrady shares, “It’s not only nutty, but the texture is stronger – like black rice. It adds flavor to the table. There is so much going on with the whisky and the mushrooms in the Gaelic steak sauce. You need rice that can also bring more to the dish.”

Aside from meat, its red russet color and chewy texture perfectly complement grain salads. Red rice is also incredibly healthy, making it a great substitute for quinoa, farro or couscous because of their shared nutrition.

This month’s CrateChef box comes with Chef Darren McGrady’s recipe for Gaelic Chicken Steaks with Camargue Red Rice. Try your hand at making this truly European dish and share your cooking creations with us at @cratechef.