March 05, 2018

Remodel Sulk

Remodel Sulk

My kitchen is currently in the process of being remodeled. My husband and I (along with 2 kids, 1 senior and our 2 dogs) live in an older home. We’ve always had plans to remodel the kitchen sometime in the future, but a water leak in the wall warped our wood floors and moved our plans up to the present. We started demolition in October and set up a toaster oven and a microwave in our dining room to tide us over. The original plan was a 3-month construction process that had us imagining our shiny new kitchen and all the lovely things we would be making at the start of the New Year.

Welcome to month 6 of the construction phase and picture a really grumpy look on my face.  Whenever I’ve heard people complain about living through a remodel on their home I’ve always disregarded them as absurd. “Oh please!” I would declare, “How bad can it be?! You’re getting a new kitchen!” But now, I take it all back. This stinks. I have joined that whiney club and I might be one of it’s leading members because I will tell anyone willing to listen how rough this is.

To make matters worse, I spend the bulk of my days researching different chefs, food photos and recipes for CrateChef. Stella Park’s awesome box did not help AT ALL and Molly Yeh’s is proving to be just as difficult. I have begun to have cooking withdrawals and when we work at Cynthia’s house I find myself wandering into her kitchen just to admire her lovely full-size appliances.

This week is spring break and we were supposed to receive our new cabinets last Thursday, so we could get our countertops on Friday and our appliances today. We purposefully did not travel this week so we could finally enjoy the new kitchen set up. Unfortunately, the cabinet people have hit several snafu’s and so instead I’m spending my week practicing my evil eye stare so I can cast eye-daggers at them when they return again. Possibly on Wednesday or maybe Thursday. But I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I’ll just sulk over my microwaved lunch, browse all the amazing photos online and dream of better days ahead.


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