November 06, 2019

Pure Vanilla Flavor

Pure Vanilla Flavor

You’ve heard of vanilla beans and vanilla extract, but what about vanilla paste? Vanilla paste is made from actual ground vanilla bean pods. It’s thicker than vanilla extract, provides a more intense vanilla flavor, and is the next amazing item in Jessica Merchant’s CrateChef box!

Rodelle Vanilla Paste will take your baking to the next level. It’s flavorful, completely natural, and not full of any refined sugar or corn syrup like most extracts are. Most importantly, vanilla paste will showcase those fancy vanilla bean flecks that you see in sophisticated desserts, without having to scrape the bean pods (which, by the way, are expensive and have a short shelf-life before losing their flavor). Vanilla paste is the happy medium between extract and beans.

You can replace vanilla bean or extract with Rodelle Vanilla Paste in almost every recipe and use the exact same amount. Whether it be Crème Brulee, custard, cookies, or muffins, the deep, rich taste of Madagascar vanilla will be a delicious addition to your baking. And don’t forget about the specks, everyone loves the specks.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of Rodelle’s favorite recipes that incorporate vanilla paste:

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To find Rodelle Vanilla Paste (and more!) check out cookbook author and recipe blogger Jessica Merchant’s CrateChef box. 


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