May 29, 2020

Sanitizer on Hand

Sanitizer on Hand

It’s time to get your sanitize on - with McClary Bros. latest product, DistilliSan®, their new Hand and Surface Sanitizer! Made in the USA, this sanitizer is 80% ethanol alcohol and is made from the World Health Organization's recommended hand rub formula.

You may remember McClary Bros. Michigan Apple Pie Vinegar in our October 2019 CrateChef box featuring Jessica Merchant. This box was one of our fastest selling boxes and this Vinegar was one of the reasons. If you’re unfamiliar with drinking vinegar, it’s exactly what it sounds like, vinegar that you drink! McClary Bros combines organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, along with organic cane sugar to create a mouthwatering mixer with all the health benefits of organic and natural apple cider vinegar. With these vinegar's, you can enjoy the health benefits of apple cider vinegar without the hard-to-swallow taste.

But now, in addition to their handcrafted to perfection Drinking Vinegar's, McClary is stepping up to the plate in one of our greatest times of need with their Hand and Surface Sanitizer, DistilliSan®. With the short supply of hand sanitizer and cleaning products, and the devastating effect this pandemic has taken on USA businesses, now you can help support USA made products and get a guaranteed peace-of-mind cleaning with this sanitizer, so you know you and your family are protected! 

And when you’re adding the sanitizer to your cart, remember to check out McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars. The McClary brothers are always about the fine details no matter the product, and it shows in the taste and the quality and now in their hand sanitizer! (

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