June 19, 2020

Shawarma West

Shawarma West

I have to warn ya, today we’re talking Shawarma! La Boîte Shawarma East and West spices that is. This easy, flavorful, fruity, yet smokey and spicey-spices are everything when it comes to cooking up authentic tasting Israeli dishes. Small in the amount needed, but big on flavor, Shawarma blended spices are the perfect seasoning for chickpeas, falafels, curries, scrambles, beef, lamb, chicken, vegetables - and more! 

La Boîte is the only place you will ever need when it comes to getting the best spices around. La Boîte Spices and Biscuits by Lior Lev Sercarz was created in 2006, where the spices are inspired by his travels and each spice “is a reflection of a place, a moment, or cultural influence.” With their aromatic and powerful flavors, these spices are perfect for almost any meal whether it’s breakfast, dinner, dessert, or even cocktails! And it’s no wonder why their Shawarma West and Shawarma East spices are the must-have spice to create authentic Mediterranean cuisine. 

With ingredients that are floral and bright, but blended with spices like nutmeg, allspice, rose and more,  Shawarma East, is an Eastern-Mediterranean inspired spice that is perfect to add to your beef dishes, chicken, sauces and more! Shawarma West, Western-Mediterranean inspired, is deeply earthly with ingredients like cumin, turmeric, onion, garlic, and pairs perfectly with chicken, lamb, soup, and vegetables. Both spices take Mediterranean cooking to a whole new level, bringing all the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean, blended up into one powerful spice. 

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