March 24, 2020

Staying in? So are we. Day 12 of Shelter In Place

Staying in? So are we. Day 12 of Shelter In Place

I do not recommend this, but I have been starting my days with the latest news updates. It’s getting crazy out there! And we’re feeling isolated in here. 

Sunday night our area, Dallas, was ordered to Shelter in place. My 90 year old father-in-law lives with us (myself, hubby and 2 boys) so we have been extra cautious and started sheltering in place on March 12. This is our Day 12 today and one thing I hadn’t realized is how much we used to eat out. I feel like I cook a lot, but our lives were so busy that now I am realizing we frequently grabbed take-out for lunch or dinner. Sheltering in place means eating at home for every meal, every day. I love a good challenge, but we are missing the tacos from Velvet Taco, the Tikka Masala from Mughlai, the Soup Dumplings from Jeng Chi and the burgers and cheese fries at Shake Shack.

In the meantime, we are collecting recipes left and right, from all the talented recipe developers and chef’s online. Thank God for the internet!! One of the silver linings of sheltering in place is branching out in the kitchen and making new things every single day! New meals inside our small compound helps with the mental stress of what’s happening outside in the world. The kids, more than ever, look forward to what we're having next and while they aren’t always happy with the answer, they're trying everything and finding new favorites.

Piadina in a Cast iron SkilletToday we made Piadina’s. (Recipe Below) This Italian flat bread is easy to make at home and is so versatile it can be filled with whatever you have on hand. They can be made small, similar to a small flour tortilla and folded like a taco or they can be made larger and then wrapped up like a burrito. Hot out of the pan they are a wonderful treat and fill all my comfort food checklists! Traditionally they are filled with prosciutto, arugula and mozzarella, but you can use chicken, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, pesto, anything you have on hand. Or go a different way with Nutella and strawberries or banana. Your family will thank you!!

We'd love to hear what you are making at home. Comment below or send us an email to connect! :)

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What we are listening to today:
One of Us by Joan Osborne and Caution by The Killers
What we are binge watching:
Glee (which I never watched in it's hey day) and Andy Griffith re-runs with the kids who are mesmerized

Recipe for Piadina

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