September 10, 2020

Taste of Holland: The Stroopwafel

Taste of Holland: The Stroopwafel

Anyone who has traveled to the Netherlands knows just how good Dutch stroopwafels can be. These rich, flavorful caramel delights truly make you feel like a kid again.

The stroopwafel is a wafer cookie made from two thin layers of baked dough bound by a cinnamon caramel filling. According to Dutch culinary folklore, stroopwafels were first made in Gouda during the 18th century by bakers who repurposed scraps and crumbs, reviving them with sweet syrup.

“My mom’s side is Dutch,” says Chef Robbie Felice. “I love, love, love everything [from] Holland.” Felice grew up eating warm, fresh stroopwafels during family visits to the Netherlands. His mother even found a bakery in New Jersey that baked these decadent treats. Although this Dutch cookie has recently come to America, Felice wants people to taste the real thing.

Lancaster Stroopies Stroopwafels in the August/September CrateChef box are Felice’s favorite authentic Dutch cookie in America. Despite being delicious alone, he says that stroopies paired with coffee are utterly irresistible. “It’s almost a sin,” he jokes.

And when you indulge yourself with these treats, you help save lives too. The Lancaster Stroopie Co. helps refugees in Pennsylvania find meaningful employment opportunities. Who knew cookies could make life so sweet?

Tasting different cuisines helps us travel vicariously, especially during this time in which traveling is more limited. The stroopwafel will surely give you a taste of Holland until you can visit for yourself.

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