August 18, 2021

The Mandoline: Fierce & Fabulous

The Mandoline: Fierce & Fabulous

Make no mistake. The mandoline, though dangerous if used carelessly, is one of those kitchen tools you can’t imagine life without once you get your hands on one.

With the Oxo Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, meal prep has never been easier. This tool is a simplified version of the French mandoline best used directly over a bowl for quick slicing. You can choose to use one of several thickness settings to create perfectly even slices of potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and other firm vegetables, even through skins. The nonslip handle and base also provide stability when slicing which are critical with this sharp tool.

“You can slice anything,” Chef Kenny Gilbert encourages. “But be safe with it.” Chef Kenny uses this mandoline to peel cucumbers for dill pickles or to shave other vegetables for his pickle assortments. We also recommend using it to prepare cucumber salads, apple tarts, or even potato gratin. But don’t stop there. Try it with practically any firm vegetable.

When it comes to cooking, the food is just as essential as the gizmos you use to prepare it. Chef Kenny was wise to include this handy mandoline in this month’s CrateChef box and if you’re a monthly subscriber, you’ll snag one too.

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