June 02, 2021

This Olive Oil is Red Hot

This Olive Oil is Red Hot

Since humans first discovered how to make olive oil in 2500 BCE, it has been an essential part of our lives. It anointed pharaohs, bathed Olympians, and made food, well, delicious. Today, it’s one of the few ingredients you’ll find in practically any kitchen. But in the 21st century, who says it can’t be a little zhooshed up?

Cue the Hot Pepper Olive Oil. Tony Gemignani, the featured chef of our April/May CrateChef box, developed this product to bring some heat into your kitchen. Made with Calabrian chilies, the hot pepper olive oil has a mildly fruity flavor and aroma which complement its spiciness.

Spiciness, check. Versatility, check. This product adds the right amount of heat to practically any pizza or pasta dish you can think of. A great substitute for pepper flakes, it also flavors meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, or stews. If you’re feeling adventurous, drizzle it over popcorn or edamame. Alas, the functional flavor of oil and pepper, all in one bottle. 

Even in the fullest of pantries, there’s room for this bottle of special and spicy hot pepper olive oil. CrateChef subscribers will receive a bottle in this month’s pizza-themed CrateChef box. We’d love to hear how you incorporate it into your cooking routine.

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