September 29, 2020

This Pasta is Made for Sauce

This Pasta is Made for Sauce

The cold weather is on it's way and the calendar says it's time for comfort food. Pasta is the easy weeknight meal that's easy to throw together when time is short. But it can also be a delicious diversion from a tough day. 

Rigatoni is characteristic of central and southern Italy. Deriving its name from the Italian word “rigati,” meaning “ridged,” the short pasta is known for its distinctive grooves and rough texture which absorb and cling to sauce.

For this reason, Chef Robbie Felice selected Barilla Collezione Rigatoni Pasta as an essential item in his August/September CrateChef box. The Barilla Collezione is an artisanal line of pastas, crafted using traditional Italian bronze plates for a homemade “al dente” texture.

The rigatoni variety is perfect for chunkier meat or vegetable-based sauces. It also works well with refined dairy-based sauces, like a mushroom cream sauce, and even casserole dishes known as “pasta al forno.”

Barilla is a special brand to Felice. He was selected as one of eight competitors vying to represent the United States in the 2020 Barilla Pasta World Championship. Although the competition is delayed because of the pandemic, he has been asked to compete in 2021. Stay tuned!

Loved and appreciated worldwide, rigatoni is one of the most satisfying pastas around. So the next time you’re surveying the overwhelmingly stocked pasta aisle, take a chance on rigatoni. It just might be the answer to your carb chimera.

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