May 05, 2021

This Pizza Cutter is the Slice of Life

This Pizza Cutter is the Slice of Life

Pizza may be a treat to eat, but it can certainly be a nightmare to cut. Using the wrong tool can pretty much ruin a good slice. In the same way that quality knives transform cooking, so does a quality pizza cutter.

The mezzaluna pizza cutter is the answer to every pizza slicing problem under the sun. Fourteen inches of ergonomic stainless steel goodness, this cutter gets the job done while protecting your hands from the heat of a pie fresh out of the oven. Especially helpful for cutting thick, deep-dish pizza, it also perfectly slices quesadillas, waffles, and cookie dough, to name a few.

Say goodbye to jenky slices. This is your new secret weapon thanks to pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, the featured chef of our April/May CrateChef box. As a subscriber, you’ll receive this handy tool to cut pizzas like a pro. 

We love to see how our monthly CrateChef boxes come to life. Tag us online (@cratechef) to share your pizza creations with the world.

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