April 28, 2021

This Pizza Flour is Your New Superpower

This Pizza Flour is Your New Superpower

Sauce, cheese, dough. When it comes to making pizza, every ingredient matters. But in my humble opinion, flour is the most important, and I’m not alone.

World-famous pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani says, “flour is the foundation. It’s really the heart and soul of pizza.” But not just any flour–pizza flour–which is why Tony decided to make his own.

A proprietary blend of hard wheat varieties, Tony Gemignani California Artisan Type 00 Pizza Flour (from Central Milling) is made for chefs and home cooks alike. Unlike plain flour which produces tasteless dough, Tony’s pizza flour creates flavorful, dense, and chewy dough. It’s perfect for baking pizzas, focaccia, breadstick, and even baguettes between 450-650 F°. This flour may not be all-purpose by name, but it certainly steals the title when it comes to breadmaking.

The struggle of making pizza at home is real, but it doesn’t have to be. By simply switching to specialty flour, you will elevate your pizzamaking game.

CrateChef subscribers will receive their very own bag of Tony’s Pizza Flour in this month’s CrateChef box featuring Tony Gemignani himself. This pizza-themed box has everything you need to make exceptional pizza in your own kitchen. Happy cooking!

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