April 16, 2020

Turn Up The Heat

Turn Up The Heat

TURN UP THE HEAT, in your kitchen that is. Jo Chef’s Professional Kitchen Torch is everything you need to master the most upscale restaurant-style meals and desserts (yes, please!), all in your kitchen, and without the high price tag. From creme brûlée to roasted peppers, this is the absolute perfect way to sear, brown and roast - and all in one easy-to-use tool. No need to be a master chef here to reap the benefits of a high-end meal, although, we can easily say that you will become the most requested chef in your home using the kitchen torch. 

With settings up to 2500 degrees, Jo Chef’s Professional Kitchen Torch is easy, quick, and foolproof allowing you to master versatile meals, with endless options. All it takes is a little creativity, a vision, and some hungry family members, and you’re golden (no pun intended). And no need to be nervous to take on such a mastery level cooking style, Jo Chef has got you covered, because, safety always comes first. “With third party testing, and with a safety lock and flame adjuster, you can enjoy optimal control and precision.” 

Jo Chef Kitchen Torch

Whether you're caramelizing the bananas slices on top of french toast, searing a steak to get the crispiest crust for the perfect dinner, melting the cheese on top of a buttery, pillowy mashed potato side dish, roasting the marshmallows for the perfect addition to an authentic-styled campfire Smores’, or lightly toasting to brown the meringue on a delightfully airy tart, Jo Chef’s Kitchen Torch is a one of a kind tool, guaranteed to bring you the most genuine cooking experience.  

Zoe Francois Meringue

When you get Jo Chef’s Professional Kitchen Torch in your Zoe Francois' CrateChef box, the first thing you NEED to make is this Mile-High Lime Meringue Tart from Chef Zoe Francois of zoebakes.com. With Zoe’s signature-style of creating giant meringues and her specialty of “playing with sugar and taking the mystery out of baking”, Chef Zoe believes that Jo Chef’s Professional Kitchen Torch is a tool that everyone should experience, as it takes her already over-the-top meringues to new heights! With spring in full bloom, there’s nothing better than a light and airy, but zesty dessert! And with Jo Chef’s Professional Kitchen Torch and ZoeBakes Meringue Tart - you have one perfect pair if you ask me. 

Meringue Photo above by Zoebakes.com.

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