September 02, 2020

Want to Make Gnocchi? Gno Problem

Want to Make Gnocchi? Gno Problem

You’ve probably tested your culinary quarantine skills with homemade bread, craft cocktails, and even sauerkraut. But have you taken a stab at homemade pasta?

In our August/September CrateChef box, featured Chef Robbie Felice has included a gnocchi board and roller so you can fulfill your pasta-making fantasies.

“Making pasta is an ideal date night,” says Felice. The experience is often filled with “fun and laughs.”

With the gnocchi board and roller, you can easily create delicious, textured pasta dumplings. Simply combine mashed potato, egg, and flour. Then, separate the resulting dough into small bite-size pieces and roll each one on the grooved board. Voila! In no time, your hand-crafted gnocchi will be ready for a quick boil and douse of creamy sauce.

From Goat Cheese Mushroom to Brown Butter Sweet Potato, there’s no shortage of gnocchi recipes to try. In fact, you can even take a stab at making cavatelli pasta shells. This cooking tool serves as a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the process of making your favorite meals from scratch.

If we’ve learned anything during quarantine, it’s that the experience of cooking keeps us stimulated and sane. So the next time you need to shake up your food regimen, consider pulling out the gnocchi board for an exhilarating and rewarding at-home pasta party.

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