October 23, 2020

Your Forks & Knives Will Be Jealous

Your Forks & Knives Will Be Jealous

I have a friend who has a spoon art display on her wall. It's a collection of vintage and mostly abused spoons arranged in various directions. It was put together by a Dutch artist but I love it so much I think about it often. It hangs over her dining table and I have often day dreamed about putting together my own DIY version. If I did, I would start with this spoon. It will make you wish every tool in your kitchen came from the same collection.

This beautifully carved olive wood spoon in our Oct/Nov CrateChef featuring Hawa Hassan, is so pretty you will hesitate to use it in the kitchen. Made of olivewood which resists absorbing odors, it's perfect for kitchen use, so go ahead and break it out!

You can always use another cooking tool in the kitchen. After all this quarantine cooking, my kids often help (begrudgingly) clean and put away the dishes. I love their help but sometimes the spoons and spatulas end up scattered in different drawers, lost in the abyss of the dishwasher, or stuck in a random cabinet. Having an extra tool around can make all the difference.

This handy spoon helps with all things stirring, mixing, tossing, and folding no matter the temperature. Coincidentally, it fits perfectly in our CrateChef box! In an age where so much of the kitchen has become electronic and practically hands-free, this wooden spoon brings an organic touch to the table. You can use it to prepare dishes with that added ‘homemade’ charm. It’s essential, versatile, and (not to mention) beautiful.

Wooden spoons are sturdy enough to scrape the bottom of any pan without damaging it – especially non-stick cookware. Many chefs prefer using one to make risotto, fudge, soups, sauces, or anything that requires a little more muscle. In order to help it last a lifetime, we recommend that you wash it by hand with some TLC to protect it from the intense heat of the dishwasher.

The art of the wooden spoon should not be overlooked. We hope this tool makes cooking easier for you, by the spoonful.

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