November 18, 2020

Your New Butter Half

Your New Butter Half

After the crazy year we’ve all had, it’s hard to believe the holiday season is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but every year even though I try to curb holiday eating habits and those devilishly sweet, frosted sugar cookies call my name – I just can’t say no! That’s where the magic of ghee comes in.

Our CrateChef box featuring Hawa Hassan is shipping now and it’s filled with tons of unique, international treats. As you probably suspected, Farmtrue Organic Ghee is a highlighted product and it’s here to make your meals healthier and even more delicious.

Originating in India, ghee is like butter but better. It’s actually clarified butter, meaning it’s been separated from the water and milk solids that make butter so fatty and, well, unhealthy. As a result, ghee retains the good fat your body needs–just like avocado, olive oil, and nuts–and a wonderful toasty caramelized flavor that develops as it simmers and clarifies.

For centuries, ghee has been used to nourish the body. It aids in digestion, increases energy levels, and alkalizes blood. Some say it also calms the mind and moisturizes the skin. But we’re here to talk about cooking, so how do you cook with it?

The magic of ghee is its versatility. It’s a phenomenal cooking oil and a great spread on toast and pancakes. Because of its high smoke point, you can use it for high-heat-sautéing and frying. I definitely plan to substitute ghee for butter during Thanksgiving, whether it’s in a turkey glaze, mashed potatoes, bread rolls, or even pumpkin pie.

Knowing this, there’s no questioning why ghee has been so popular for centuries. Discover it yourself in our latest CrateChef box and let us know how you choose to use this lovable product!  Check out Why Ghee? at

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