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Chef Karl Worley / Biscuit Love

Heard a good love story lately? We have!

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Chef Karl Worley wooed his wife, Sarah, through his cooking… specifically his biscuits. The rest, as they say, is history! The Nashville duo own and operate their incredibly popular restaurants bringing made-from-scratch southern comfort dishes to their dedicated patrons.


Lucky for us, Chef Worley wanted our subscribers to experience a little Biscuit Love vibe at home. He has assembled a box filled with products from his favorite local Tennessee purveyors, along with exclusive, mouthwatering recipes to share with your Valentine.


Crates will begin shipping in early February, in time for Valentine's Day, to current CrateChef subscribers. If you aren't signed up yet, join our community!  Feel the Biscuit Love. Subscribe or give CrateChef as a gift today ❤️


Rebekah and Cynthia
The CrateChef Co-Founders: Rebekah and Cynthia

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Chef Karl Worley
Chef Karl Worley
Sarah and Karl Worley - Biscuit Love Nashville

Sarah and Karl Worley