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Jenn Davis of Two Cups Flour

J E N N   D A V I S    o f    T W O   C U P S   F L O U R 

Jenn Davis of Two Cups Flour Blog

With southern sensibility and an unequivocal sweet tooth, food blogger and photographer Jenn Davis typifies the sentiment of baking from the heart. The North Carolina native, now based in Louisville, approaches her craft with tradition and originality alike–turning southern classics into signature crowd pleasers. It goes without saying that we’re excited to feature Jenn in our February CrateChef box.

Jenn fostered her affinity for baking at an early age. Watching her mother make a frenzy of treats for every occasion, she learned to find solace in baking as a hobby. It wasn’t until adulthood that Jenn considered turning this passion into a profession, blending her film photography experience with her baking ingenuity. Unabashed creativity gave her the confidence to take the leap and follow her heart.

Since 2016, Jenn has run her award-winning food blog Two Cups Flour. Her recipes and food styling are inspired by the real and rustic South – think fresh fruit, real sugar, heavy cream. Southern Buttermilk Biscuits and Double Chocolate Chai Cookies are just two recipes among hundreds that showcase culinary nostalgia and innovation alike.

Her first cookbook The Southern Baking Cookbook just hit the shelves and we are thrilled that we were able to include a signed copy in each of Jenn's featured CrateChef boxes.

This book invites you on a tour of decadent southern flavors. Every recipe is infused with Jenn’s affection for comfort goodies. Take indulgent time-honored recipes like Berry Cobbler and Coconut Pie or snack-inspired treats with a twist like Salted Caramel Blondies and Pumpkin Iced Cookies. Her book is jam-packed with must-have tips for mastering pie crust, layer cakes, cookie dough, quick breads and more.

Jenn’s creative use of everyday ingredients and clear instructions takes the mystery out of baking with south-down magic. We are grateful to collaborate with her this month and share her curated box of favorites with you!

Southern Baking Cookbook by Jenn Davis of TwoCupsFlour.com

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