Our May Box is Shipping NOW - Featuring Chef Graham Campbell!

Serious Eats

Daniel Gritzer, Managing Culinary Director - Serious Eats Sohla El-Waylly, Culinary Editor - Serious Eats J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Culinary Consultant - Serious Eats Stella Parks, Pastry Wizard - Serious Eats
Our newest crate, featuring the Editors of Serious Eats, is chock full of their picks of essential products for your kitchen and pantry this holiday season! 

The culinary professionals at Serious Eats are seriously passionate about all things food and providing information that is useful and accurate. Rebekah and I love it because it is a comprehensive online resource for everyone. Whether you're throwing together a quick weeknight meal or planning a lavish holiday feast, Serious Eats should be your first stop for home cooking advice. We learn something new every time we visit them. 

Will you be spatchcocking your turkey this Thanksgiving? We will!


Happy Cooking,