CrateChef 2021 Advent Calendar Inner Boxes (All Products, No Outer Shell)


Due to supply chain issues, we have a few 2021 Advent Calendars that are missing the outer box.  These have all of the inner boxes and thus all 24 of the products of the complete Advent Calendar, but they are MISSING THE OUTER BOX.  We are offering these units to customers on the Advent Calendar Wait List ONLY for the discounted price of $159.00.  First come, first serve.

CrateChef has put together a gourmet advent calendar (with 24 surprises) that will be the envy of every foodie and cooking enthusiast you know. This advent will keep you and your favorite foodie inspired throughout the holidays. What better way to start each day than with a special surprise that can be used in the kitchen. Untie the ribbon front and open up the two front doors to reveal 24 numbered boxes of varying sizes inside. Each gold stamped box will hold a little surprise inside. It's the perfect way to countdown to the holidays! 

CrateChef's 2021 Gourmet Advent Calendar will be new and different from last year, nothing will repeat. It will include gourmet foods, treats and 6 kitchen tools. Free Shipping within the United States. Shipping to Canada, Australia and the UK for an additional fee. Ships in early to mid-November. Limited quantities. Once this box is sold out, we will keep a waitlist, but we can't guarantee to have additional calendars until next year.